Core Markets:

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Dental 2-10

• Voluntary plans down to 3 enrolled

• No Waiting Periods for Virgin Dental—MetLife

• Endo and Perio in Type 3—MetLife, MMA, Companion
• 80th Percentile for Price Sensitive Buyers—Kansas City Life
• MAC Pricing for Price Sensitive Buyers—MetLife, Companion Life
• 90th Percentile Quoted Standard
• $100 lifetime deductibles, $50/$100,

• Orthodontia available

• Pediatric Dental, ACA Certified--Delta, Met and MMA


Dental 10+

• Lifetime deductible, and rollover maximum takeovers—Kansas City Life
• Zero waiting periods for virgin voluntary plans
• MAC pricing
• 100/75/50/50; 100/50/50; 80/80/80; all types of percentage coinsurance
• Implant coverage
• Maximums to $5000
• Dual Options

Short-Term Disability


• Up to 70% replacement
• Total and Partial DI available
• 13 to 56 week durations


• Entry Age Freeze and complimentary ADD with Companion Life
• Minimum of 5 participation
• Takeover ‘worksite’ carrier STD with no pre-ex

Long-Term Disability

• Industry best definitions of disability
• Residual Income carved out
• Contract comparison service
• Executive Carve Out LTD
• Voluntary plans down to 10 lives participating
• Below 10 group LTD to SSNRA

• Blood related groups eligible! 


• Ability to class out even in 2-9 market
• No SIC code limitations through the MBPA and Companion Life

Voluntary Life for 10+ groups

• Free Will Preparation with MetLife
• 5 year rate lock with Companion Life
• Brand New Open Enrollment with Companion Life

Accident/Critical Illness

• GI Critical Illness to 5 lives in most cases
• Takeover credit for critical illness—pre-ex waived!
• Accident plans to 5 lives
• Very competitive rates
• Reimbursement for not only wellness visits but also any doctor visits
• Great brand name with AllState Benefits
• Enrollment Support managed through BPI


• Voluntary stand alone plans down to 2 lives
• VSP/Eyemed/Davis Networks Available


• $4.75 PEPM 

• All members of groups are eligible and all group sizes

• Unlimited access to doctors 24/7 with no copays

• Benefit Management System complimentary in monthly fee





Limited Medical, MEC's and MVP's
  • 'Skinny Plans' Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) that eliminate $2,000 PEPM fine for 50+ groups

  • Flexible minimum benefit plans