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In Business to Serve Agents

Quoting - 5 carriers, One email

Not only does this save you and your staff time on the front end, it also saves you the hassle of talking to four reps on the back end as you go through the sales process.  With BPI, we negotiate with the carriers to get you the best rate so you can stick to servicing your medical clients and prospecting for new ones. In addition, you do not have to spend time meeting with each of our carriers as we can keep you apprised of the latest news from all four in our communications and face-to-face meetings.

Worksite Consultation

Partner with us to organize a voluntary roll out for a group.  We bring resources from one-on-one enrollers to online benefit admin systems.  We have relationships with many voluntary worksite carriers and can recommend the right fit for your group's unique profile.  

Bonus/Trip Incentives

We watch your production to ensure you are maximizing your sales opportunities in the forms of bonuses or trips with our carriers.

Ongoing Services for Our Shared Groups

BPI is here to service your groups along side you.  We help with tough claims, billing and commission support throughout the year with our carriers.  Our unique GA model allows to build unparalleled rapport within our carriers that allow us to get results in a timely manner.

Benefit Admin, HRIS

We have established partners for benefit administrative systems.  Place a case with us and you can enjoy a system for free.  Like the system and want to use it going forward, we have negotiated pricing for your agency.  

Innovative Fringe Benefits 

BPI gives you access to innovative solutions like Telemedicine or Skinny Plans that could set you apart from your competition.  

Going for a Run
Individual Medical

Our goal is to aid agents service their individual clients through our partnerships.

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