Set Your Big Goal for 2020!

Eight years ago I told Lena one day BPI would have five employees and be selling small group medical. At that point it was she and I and we sold Companion Life only. We had a crappy little office that was crawling with bugs and spiders and bathrooms that you wouldn't find in a rest stop in Baldwin.

I would say my declaration way back then was definitely a 'C goal.' I had no idea how we would afford more employees (Lena was part-time then). I had no idea what carrier would come into Michigan but I knew one would come and we would work with them when the time was right.

Well, with your help and trust and the support of our wonderful carrier partners, we have achieved that goal. And it is awesome!

Back then I had no idea what a "C Goal" even was but oddly enough I was following a system laid out by a man named Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is a speaker, author who focuses on helping folks reach all they want out of life. And in his work he lays out three levels people use when setting goals.

An A goal is a goal you've achieved before. Let's say in 2020 you set your sales goal to be the same number you've hit multiple times before. You know how to achieve this goal. You've done it before and if you do the same things you've alway done, you'll hit this goal. It's an A goal but it is safe. Not much excitement and not much personal growth.

A B goal is one that we in the insurance industry refer to as a 'stretch goal.' At BPI we have a goal of writing 5,000 Aetna contracts by 7/1/2020. That is a huge goal but we can achieve that goal. It's a stretch but we know what we need to do to hit that goal and we think we can actually do it. It's exciting and will take a ton of effort and it will be awesome when we reach it. That's a B goal. It's a big modification of our A goal.

A C goal however is one that we would have no idea how we would do it. To be honest we haven't set our C goal yet for BPI. I have a ton of personal C goals but we still need to lay out what the big idea is for BPI. But this will be a goal that scares you a litle bit. It will involve personal risks. Maybe you'll have to change some habits or beliefs. Maybe you'll be asked to sacrifice in a big way but the payoff gets you really excited. Super excited.

Back when we started BPI I would lay up at night and see BPI as a little powerhouse of a GA. I could picture our office, how it would look. The people who worked in it would be happy to come to work, to be excited to help our agents and to move the agency forward. Our carriers would support us and we in turn would return their trust and support. And agents would trust us with their business and their friendship and we would always work hard to earn that trust. I would feel how proud I would be of the busines we all helped to create.

This has ALL come to become reality. All of it. And it's time to create another C goal baby!

So what about you? What do you really want to do? To become? To experience? Set them up in A, B and C goals. Let your A B goals be ones you know or expect to hit this year in 2020. Let your C goal be one you expect to achieve but without a time frame. When you think about your goals, think of them as though they already occurred. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction you'd feel once they are complete.

'I am so excited and grateful now that I have hit my sales goal for 2020! I am so blessed to be working with the clients, staff and carriers who help to make this all possible.'

''I am so happy and grateful now that I have earned that promotion. It is fantastic and rewarding to know that my special talents and skills are recognized at work. I can't wait to continue to grow both personally and financially.'

Write your goal(s) on a piece of cardboard paper and carry it around in your purse or your pocket. Look at it and read it to yourself often. See yourself achieving it. Earning that bonus check. Achieving that promotion. Raising that money for church. Repairing that personal relationship. Overcoming addiction. Healing yourself or helping a family member heal. Whatever it might be. We all have points of expansion we are pointing to!

Final note, on a bigger level there was a time when I didn't know if this family photo would ever happen. That's a heavy statement but it is true. My wife and daughter both had a serious serious cancer diagnosis. But with the Grace of God they both persisted and they are right here and our family is rollin'!

Sometimes when we set goals we don't know how we will ever achieve them. They are so big that they are out of our control. As humans we very much value control. But in many ways control is just an illusion. We really aren't in as much control as we'd like to think.

You have to believe in the Grace of God. Whatever your version of that is. It doesn't matter even if it is blind faith. A health scare brings that out of us. A financial crisis brings that out of us. But why not a big ol goal? Why not go for that ourselves?

If you'd like help with this, give me a call! We can discuss your goals and give you some ideas for working them out. I'm here to help!

Go ahead, make it happen!

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