Selling Aetna--Lessons to Share

We have enjoyed the Aetna contract since April and our momentum grows monthly. Like any new product we are learning valuable lessons as we go. Here are some items to consider as you quote, present and write business with us going forward.

1. This is a medically underwritten plan. That means we have to 'lock' in enrollment for final underwriting. If we add members who need to start on the initial effective date and we add them after the 'lock' then those members will need to complete an IMQ. This is regardless of whether the group was underwritten via GRx. If membership changes 10 percent or more, we may need to rerate.

2. If you and a group submit underwriting applications on a group above 10 enrolled then there is a $100 bonus per member for the agent and $100 admin credit per member for the group. IMQ groups start with a lower manual rate than GRx.

In addition there is a great agency bonus for 2020. Call us if you'd like to discuss this further!

3. New groups are assigned a new business coordinator we can talk to via phone or email. For claims issues or questions we utilize a special agent/GA hotline. We are having really good success getting answers via phone with this phone number. See this flyer.

4. There is an issue with Aetna Attain that is causing a delay in members ability to order an Apple watch. This is being corrected but call us if you have issues.

5. Aetna does offer a complimentary HRA but there are a few items we would cover with you ahead of presenting it to a group. It is very good but it is not a total match to the way the HMO's administer their HRA's internally.

There are a few more items we would share with you at point of sale. Interested in a brief training on those important items email Dominic and let's have a fifteen minute conversation.

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