Think BPI for High Guarantee Issue with Very Low Participation Requirements

One America's Small Business Products are some of the best in the business.

With OneAmerican's small business suite we can offer your small group clients virtually the same benefits as large groups without the fear of participation issues.

  • $100,000 of Guaranteed Issue Voluntary Life down to 2 lives

  • 60% to $6,000 Voluntary LTD down to 2 lives

  • 60% to $1250 Voluntary STD down to 2 lives

It doesn't end with these lines though. We have carrier partners who can do voluntary dental, vision, critical illness and accident down to these parameters as well.

Bundle these options with our level funded medical carriers and ben admin and you can truly bring a 'large group' benefits experience to your small group clients while maximizing your earning potential.

Contact Dominic or Tammy to learn more!

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