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Listen: Tiffany A. Albert, President and CEO of Blue Care Network


I am pleased to introduce the Benefit Profiles Podcast! This a podcast we created to interview very interesting people in the benefit business, learn what makes them tick, how they achieved their success and hopefully help you glean some takeways for your business and career.

My very first interview is Tiffany A. Albert CEO and President of Blue Care Network. Tiffany talks about her journey over 25 years in the business. How she went from sales at Cofinity to becoming the CEO of BCN. She gives some outstanding business advice as well as recounts a few very tough times in her career she had to overcome.

I am very excited to bring this podcast to you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have doing it. Stay tuned for more epidsodes really soon!

Listen here or find the Benefit Profiles Podcast on iTunes or Google Play!

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