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Short Term Medical That Includes Rx and Copays

Benefit Profiles has engaged with Companion Life and Pivot Health to bring a unique short term medical plan to Michigan. This Short Term Medical offers prescription drug coverage and copays before the medical deductible is fulfilled.

Michigan will allow for members to apply and enroll for two consecutive 90 day increments or now a 180 day increment. If a condition does come up during the first period it will not be considered pre-existing the next enrollment period.

Benefit Profiles is hosting two seminars in October. We'd welcome the opportunity to tell you about Pivot Health and help you set up your own enrollment site to send to prospective members.

October 9, 10:00 AM webinar. Click to sign up.

October 11, 3:00 PM webinar. Click to sign up.

For more information please give Dominic a call at 616.481.8675 or visit this marketing library.

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