Meet Answer Health on Demand!

We started in the telemedicine space about four years ago when we were introduced to Teladoc. At that time Teladoc would not sell to a tiny GA in West Michigan so we accessed it through a giant wholesaler called American Health Holding and a small billing entity named Enroll 123.

Our selling Teladoc was very timely and many of our agents introduced Teladoc to their groups. You might recall one very popular post about a toe. This was before the carriers starting adding a telemedicine component to their fully insured plans. Teladoc is still the nation's largest vendor of telemedicine with an extensive national network and very good technology. Over time though the connection from Enroll 123 through American Health Holding to Teladoc has offered too many levels for errors and for frustrations for the end user.

I met the folks from Answer Health On Demand at last August's WMAHU Golf Outing (fantastic event, very well run by the dynamic committee). They are a startup telemed service located right here in Grand Rapids Michigan. They do their own billing and Michigan groups phone West Michigan ER docs. They are owned by Answer Health, a West Michigan doctor coalition and Emergency Care Specialists, a West Michigan ER doc group.

Fees for the zero copay plan are $3.60 PEPM. This does not include agent commissions. If you'd like to learn more about this new partner, please email me or Lena and we can set up a meeting or have a call.

We are not canceling our relationship with Teladoc but the time has come for us to have another partner and we are excited about this new vendor!

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