An Update on EaseCentral

It has been a year now since we have added this new service and I am happy to report it is turning out very well.

We received the following feedback from one of our groups just as they closed down enrollment for a January 1 effective date:

Just wanted to give you an update, we have only 11 employees remaining who need to complete their enrollment through Ease Central. They have all been emailed as well as their managers at this point indicating they need to complete this today.

We have had great comments and feedback from the employees who left feedback as well as those who gave it to us verbally. Some were nervous to try it out and were pleasantly surprised with how easy it was and how quickly they could complete the process. We were pleasantly surprised when several employees noticed and commented that we had company provided life insurance on themselves, their spouses and children they weren’t even aware we provided.

All in all it has been a great experience! We are looking forward to generating the reports once open enrollment is complete to be able to efficiently update our payroll records for 2017. Thank-you for bringing this program to our attention and working diligently to help us get it operational in a short period of time.

We’d love one of your clients or prospects to give you feedback like this!

As a reminder, Benefit Profiles will build and maintain a specific online based website for your groups that you place with us. We help train your groups and your staff how to interact with the site and we help with customer service on the site all year round.

We ask that for groups with ten or more you place four lines of coverage with us. Interested in learning more about EaseCentral?

Visit this page of our website or follow this link!

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