BPI Makes Benefit Admin Easy

We don’t believe one size fits all.

Whether your agency employs its own system or you are starting from scratch, BPI has solutions that fit:

  • Ongoing membership management from the technology to the carrier for your group medical as well as ancillay

  • Consolidated billing resources

  • HR toolkit and hotline to give your employers resources for those ‘tough-to-answer’ HR questions

  • Human resource management tools like paid time off tracking and essential document storage

  • Connection to payroll vendors

  • HR new employee onboarding and document tracking

  • BPI’s backroom customer service—we help connect carriers to systems

  • Outstanding reporting


Some Groups Need More, Some Need Less. . .

No Agency Software Available?

A Good Option for 10 or more employees, 4 lines of ancillary coverage with BPI:

  • Easecentral Platform

  • New employee onboarding

  • Document tracking

  • Medical, ancillary benefit management

  • Customized group URL

  • Agent and/or group responsible for moving mid-year changes

  • BPI handles the training

  • Buy-Up options for ACA tracking and reporting, HRIS, payroll, HR toolkit and hotline

A Better Option for groups of 50 or more, 4 lines of ancillary and some worksite, voluntary lines:

  • All the options available in the Good option

  • BPI will customize the solution depending on needs

  • Payroll connectivity, work comp modules, compliance, etc.

  • BPI will actively shop the market with its partners to recommend the best technology

  • BPI works with carriers to eliminate or greatly reduce fees to the group

  • Member management and consolidated billing

Agency Software Available?

Ongoing membership management requires attention and time.

BPI will work to connect our carriers to your software through feeds or a Third Party Administrator to smooth out the membership management process.

Our staff has experience with many different systems and we can act as an extension of your office in a pinch.

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