BPI's Big List of Foot-in-the-Door Hooks

New Year, New Goals! It's always daunting and exciting starting the year back up. You set your goals, you get excited, now how are you going to find some new cases?

Below is my big list of ideas to get your foot in the door. Obviously the goal is to sell medical but maybe one of the ideas below will be different enough to get a solid conversation going!

1. Benefit Administration Systems--Zenefits is having success, why not you? Tell groups you can put their entire benefits file cabinet in the cloud. And while you're at it, you can do their HR and possibly consolidate their bill as well.

2. Defined Contribution--Turn the process of shopping for benefits by the employer upside down--create a benefits bank and allow employees to choose which benefits they'd like! You manage the medical we'll manage the rest with Companion Life's unique product.

3. Voluntary Short Term and Long Term Disability in 1099 groups (including trucking!) and Associations--this is one of those niches I even forget we have. But if you have clients who are looking to insure their 1099 employees, let's talk about Abacus!

4. Stand-alone $0 copay Teladoc--Michigan medical carriers are bundling this with their medical plans and that is fine. Ours has zero copay and we send quarterly reports to track what is happening. When done right, this can be a huge value especially for experience rated and self-funded groups.

5. Delta Dental for small groups--Some small groups don't know they can afford Delta! Never thought about doing a marketing campaign surrounding dental? Delta packs a pretty big marketing punch. It's gotten me in the door on some of my best agents in Southeast Michigan!

6. Worksite benefits--You knew this was coming. Check out this powerpoint from Metlife. Employees want worksite. It's an employee's job market. Some employers are genuinely concerned about making sure they have the best package even if some of it is voluntary! The versatility of voluntary plans are equally attractive. They can be used to fund technology or employee education. Met also offers this very good white paper for adding voluntary to your practice. Good read!

7. Lump Sum Disability--A great add on for executives to STD or even LTD. OneAmerica is our newest addition at BPI and they feature this very unique product. I've seen it used as a gross up benefit or as an affordable alternative to LTD. Either way it could peak the interest of the right CFO.


See something that peaks your interest? Let's discuss it further and come up with a marketing campaign. We have support materials, we can put together a timeline and we can help you close once you get your foot in the door!

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