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Need Individual Dental and Vision? We have options!

We are excited to announce the addition of a new line of products from BPI--individual dental and vision! Some of you may be asking "Why?" Some of you may be saying, "Finally."

Whether it's a fit for you or not, we have two new carriers, Starmount Life (sister company to AlwaysCare Benefits) and Renaissance Dental. They can tell you doing individual dental was not a mistake for them. Already to date in 2015, Starmount has added over $10,000,000.00 of new dental premium in individual! That's enough dental production to make the best group reps blush.

So I'm not going to try to convince you to get into the individual market if you're not there today. But if you like working the individual market and you've been searching for a better alternative, I bet you'll like what you see below. We chose these two carriers for the following reasons:

1. They pay solid commissions--a flat 15% to agent for the life of the contract with Starmount. 10% first year and 7% thereafter with Renaissance Dental.

2. All the enrollment is done online. They create for you a branded site that allows members to shop, search for dentists and enroll all in one easy to click through space. Members elect to pay annually or ACH draw right during the process.

3. Stamount's Plan is a 100,80,50 plan. No gimmicks, no surprises. There's a 12 month wait for Type 3 services but members can access preventive and fillings the very first year. The networks are Dentemax and United Concordia so good coverage there and the Out of Network payments are at the 80th percentile.

Renaissance Dental's plan is not at rich the first year but there are no waiting periods even for Type 3 services and it offers child ortho!

4. The rates are great and stable.

5. Both plans feature vision options with Renaissance Vision powered VSP!

For a rundown of how the product looks and works, you can click on Starmount Life's Sample Agent Link or Renaissance Dental's Sample Agent Link and go through a dummy quote.

If you're ready to get started, simply email me. We'll order your link, do some brief training and get you ready to go!


Starmount Life's Sample Agent Link

Starmount's Individual Dental and Vision Page on Our Website

Renaissance Dental's Sample Agent Link

Renaissance Dental Page on Our Website

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