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How to Get the Fastest, Most Accurate Quote


We pride ourselves on turning around your quote requests in a quick and accurate timeframe. We understand it is a job to pull together all the information needed to quote. We prefer to not bother you with follow up questions but sometimes we absolutely need certain items.

The following is our wish list for the items that allow us to work most efficiently with your requests:

No Matter the Size of the Group:

  • Census with total number of employees (not only those enrolled)

  • See our census template

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Dependent Status

  • Salary and Occupations (for disability plans and for life plans with benefit amounts multiple of salary)

  • Our carriers will only accept the census in Excel format

  • Benefit Descriptions (certs, policies, benefit summaries)

  • Current and renewal rates (if available)

  • Employer contribution amounts

  • Different agencies use different terms (contributory, non-contributory, etc.). It is best to clearly outline how much the employer is paying for the benefits and how much the employees are paying.

  • Current experience (if available)

Carriers Quoted:

  • We will quote all our available carriers unless it is noted specifically which ones you'd like us to run.

Voluntary Plans:

It is beneficial if we know what the current participation is. It is not required; however, it can help with the rating.

Groups Above 100:

  • Dental Experience (24 months is optimal), broken out monthly with paid claims, paid premiums and monthly enrollment

  • STD experience (24 months is optimal), broken out monthly with paid claims, paid premium and monthly enrollment

  • Open/Closed claims report for LTD

A Note on Experience:

It is not typical to have experience for groups below 50 but some carriers will provide it. Some of our carriers take current experience into account with their rating and some don't. Above 50 eligible lives and especially above 100 we have carriers who won't even quote disability without a history of of and closed claims and experience.

Turnaround Times:

We quote four to five different carriers with different lines of business and with multiple types of processes. For example, small group dental is a much faster turn around than large group LTD. However, if we receive all we need up front, it does quicken the process.

If you have an urgent request that we can complete in house utilizing our systems, we'll do our best to accommodate that request. Please call in the case of a rush request and indicate RUSH in the subject line of your email.

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