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Companion Life

Companion Life is A+ rated, a subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and located in Columbia, South Carolina.  Companion is an excellent partner in service with innovative and strong dental, life, ltd, std and vision products for all markets, both contributory and voluntary.  For a deep dive into Companion’s products, forms and marketing materials including their trip incentive program, click ​here.

Delta Dental


Delta Dental has held firm as a leader in dental benefits in Michigan since the 1950's.  It is rated A- by A.M. Best and it boasts a robust two-tier networking structure as well as an outstanding amount of quick claim payments to dentists, and solid customer service.  Indeed, Delta Dental is the brand for employees in need of dental.  You can trust that by placing business with Delta through BPI, your groups will have minimal issues and enjoy very strong network access and payment recognition at the point of service.  To learn more about Delta, click here.


Well, if you don’t recognize the Snoopy, we should talk about more than just benefits.  But beyond the logos and the name, MetLife offers great service, great contracts and a robust dental network.  The sales and service teams in Michigan really give this international carrier a local, personal feel.  To view Met’s forms, products and services, click here.

Kansas City Life

Kansas City Life is A rated.  Located in Kansas City, Missouri they have been in business since 1895.  Kansas City Life offers a full line of ancillary products, both true group and voluntary and their service is extremely strong.  To view their forms and to find out more about their products and services, click here.


Eyemed is a fantastic stand alone vision carrier.  They are a perfect partner for BPI because they offer four year rate guarantees, the biggest vision network and the best discounts to eye wear.  Eyemed is our only stand alone vision provider.  



Teladoc offers members 24/7/365 access to telehealth consults via phone or online video — whenever they need it, from wherever they are. Their U.S. board-certified physicians can diagnose, recommend treatment, and write short-term, non DEA prescriptions, when appropriate. By using telehealth services and telemedicine instead of more expensive urgent care and ER visits, Teladoc cuts unnecessary costs and keeps members smiling (instead of waiting).To learn more about Teledoc, click here.

Limited Medical Plans, MEC's and MVP's

Century Healthcare is a leader in the limited medical plan space.  Due to the employer mandate, large employers who have never offered benefits now have to find affordable solutions that meet the mandates and minimize exposure to fines and fees.  Minimum Essential Coverage plans and Minimum Value Plans can be the solution.  For more information on these plans, click here.  



Guardian’s legacy began in 1860 and is still relevant today. Located in New York, this fortune 250 company is rated A++ by A.M.  In addition to the core ancillary benefits, Guardian is an excellent partner because their worksite products are built with the ability to customize to the employer’s needs.  For more on Guardian, click here.

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