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The BPI Bundle
Increase commissions and lower costs for small groups with the BPI Bundle, an innovative,
structured solution exclusive to Benefit Profiles, Inc.
The BPI Bundle lets small groups combine two or more products and services, resulting in
wider coverage, more robust support and a significant savings of time and money for both
agent and group.
Products and Services in the BPI Bundle:
  • Small Group Medical
  • Small Group Ancillary
  • Gap Coverage
  • Benefit Administration (Off/Online)
  • On-going Member Management
How Small Groups Benefit with the BPI Bundle:
  • Lower medical premiums save money
  • Flexible plan options give employees more choices
  • Low minimum participation for ancillary increases engagement
  • GAP coverage lowers deductible exposure and increases value
  • Online administration with minimal paperwork saves time
  • Benefit administration increases benefit package value
  • Member management services save time
How Agents Benefits with the BPI Bundle:
  • Placing level-funded group medical earns higher commissions
  • Expanding group ancillary earns higher commissions
  • Placing GAP coverage increases commissions
  • NO MONTHLY FEES for benefit administration support saves money
  • On-going member management saves time
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